Water Filtration

Brett Specialized Aggregates offer products suitable for inclusion within potable water treatment processes.

Flintag is a uniquely shaped material, assisting the cutting of containments in the water and as part of the overall filtration system enabling potable water to be acquired. When used as part of a water filtration system, the natural shape and texture of Flintag and Calcined Flints with their inherent unique fine fissures help to capture, producing filter water free of contaminants.

The core range of water filtration materials is available in a variety of grades:

  • Durite (3, 8, 11),
  • Flintag (0.5-8mm),
  • Natural Rounded Gravel (10, 14, 20)
  • Pea Gravel (3, 6, 10)

Materials can be sourced to meet specific requirements for designs and application. Contact our knowledgeable team on this specialist materials on 0845 60 80 542 or email sturryenquiries@brett.co.uk

Products are available in mini bags, bulks bags and loose bulk tankers.