Road & Salt Grit

Don’t get caught out this winter, let Brett help you prepare with de-icing materials available in Brown Rock Salt or White Grit Salt.

The traditional brown rock salt is generally used for de-icing by Councils and the Highway Agencies for clearing roads and motorways when snowing or icy to providing traction in freezing weather. The brown salt is more then 90% Sodium Chloride, with the remaining insoluble’s consisting mainly of Keuper Marl. This contributes to the friction when used on outdoor areas such as highways and school playgrounds.

Leaving very little residue and offering a clean and hygienic solution, white grit salt is a favourite of residential, industrial or office owners and eco-friendly locations, such as public parks and gardens. Our white grit salt is 99.5% Sodium Chloride, naturally formed by sea water evaporating on the salt plains.

Both brown rock salt and white grit salt are effective at clearing snow and ice, providing lasting traction and available in mini bags, bulk bags and loose load deliveries.