Road Marking Paint

Brett Specialized Aggregates supply a range of aggregates which can be used as part of a system for white line road marking paint or for providing coloured demarcation for trafficked areas and approaches to road crossings.

We are able to offer technical support and guidance to our customers based upon many years experience gained in this market.

If you require specific information on these, or any of our other products,, we will gladly work in partnership to assist you with your project. Contact our knowledgeable team on 0845 60 80 572 or email

Products are available in mini bags and bulks bags, bulk tippers and bulk tankers. Dried Products should be stored under cover to keep dry.

Colour Swatches

Flintag Natural Flintag Natural
Flintag Coloured Flintag Coloured
Permwhite Calcined Flint Permwhite Calcined Flint
Durite Canterbury Spar Durite Canterbury Spar
Westbere Spar Westbere Spar
Guyanan Baxuite Guyanan Baxuite