Terrazzo Flooring

Terrazzo flooring is a combination of dried aggregate and portland or epoxy-based binders. The wearing layer has an increased percentage of aggregate which is then honed to provide the finish required. Brett Specialized Aggregates offer a range of terrazzo flooring materials which, as part of a system, can offer an attractive and a durable hardwearing surface.
Depending upon the binder system used, our materials can be tough enough for use in high trafficked commercial and industrial environments and provide great resiliency, chemical resistance and compressive strength.

Areas of possible applications for these types of system include indoor surfaces in private or public commercial, business and recreational areas such as exhibition halls, conference centres, airports, restaurants, malls, hotels, shops, schools, offices and many more. .

The core range of terrazzo flooring aggregates is available in a variety of grades:

  • Green, Silver or Black Granite (10, 14, 20)
  • White Marble (14)
  • Denbighshire Spar (8)

Working with designers or installers we can identify, source and grade bespoke products to meet specific requirements. Contact our knowledgeable team on specialist materials on 0845 6080 542 or email sturryenquiries@brett.co.uk

Our aggregates for use in terrazzo flooring installations are available in mini bags, bulks bags and loose bulk tankers. Dried Products should be stored under cover to keep dry.

Colour Swatches

Green Granite Green Granite
Silver Grey Granite Silver Grey Granite
White Marble White Marble