Sound Proofing

If you are looking for an aggregate to include within sound proofing materials, dried Flintag and Durite aggregates can be used to assist structural stability, help reduce resonance and act as a filler to optimise the product composition.

For bespoke design requirements, contact our team on the details below. We can blend or source unique materials to suit your requirements, down to the texture and colourways.

Brett offer guidance and technical support on sound proofing walls and floors and other noise insulation techniques, using dried aggregates. Working in conjunction with contractors or other suppliers, we can put together a plan for the application, specific to your project. Contact our knowledgeable team on 0845 6080 572 or email

Our range of aggregates for use within sound proofing materials are available in mini bags, bulks bags and loose bulk tankers. Dried Products should be stored under cover to keep.

Colour Swatches

Flintag Natural Flintag Natural
Flintag Coloured Flintag Coloured
Durite Canterbury Spar Durite Canterbury Spar