Screed Flooring

Brett offers a wide range of specialist screed flooring aggregates, used in a variety of applications and challenging environments including industrial, pharmaceutical, food processing, leisure industry, automotive, aeronautical and commercial arenas.

Colour, texture and slip resistance are just a few of the inherent qualities that these aggregates bring to screed floors. A selection of Flint sizes can be used as fillers to optimise and enhance product formulations. Materials can be coated to a specific pantone colour as well as the grading and texture being adapted to suit the requirements of the design parameters. For bespoke requirements such as this, contact our team on 0845 6080 572 or email

Screeded flooring aggregates are available in mini bags, bulks bags and bulk tanker.  Dried Products should be stored under cover to keep dry.

Colour Swatches

Flintag Natural Flintag Natural
Flintag Coloured Flintag Coloured
Permwhite Calcined Flint Permwhite Calcined Flint
Durite Canterbury Spar Durite Canterbury Spar
Westbere Spar Westbere Spar
White Marble White Marble