Flat Roof Ballast Chippings

Specialised flat roof aggregates can help to protect flat roofing membranes from ultra-violet rays of the sun which cause deterioration and provide a protective layer for light traffic. Aggregates can also be used to weigh down the insulation on inverted roof designs. By laying fair coloured aggregates on the membrane, heat absorption is controlled. They can also provide a decorative area bringing the flat roof area into a usable environment for inhabitants to relax and enjoy.

To provide a reasonable embedment and interlocking opaque surface, stone sized approximately 10mm-20mm are suitable. Low porosity materials prevent water absorption, which can result in frosted slippery surfaces. Larger cobbles 50-75mm can also provide an effective and visually attractive solution.

Brett offer guidance and technical support for inverted garden roofing designs and work in partnership with contractors to assist with application. Contact our knowledgeable team on 0845 6080 572 or email sturryenquiries@brett.co.uk

Flat roof aggregates are available in mini bags, bulks bags and loose loads.

Colour Swatches

Durite Canterbury Spar Durite Canterbury Spar
Westbere Spar Westbere Spar
Lydd Lydd
Green Granite Green Granite
Red Granite Red Granite
Silver Grey Granite Silver Grey Granite
Spanish White Cobbles Spanish White Cobbles
White Marble White Marble