Brett Landscaping launch a new training programme to help merchants

The tried and tested interactive programme has been specifically designed to increase in-branch awareness of Brett Landscaping product features and help staff across the entire merchant operation to guide customers to the perfect paving choice with appropriate, confident advice.

Katie Kiff, Brett Landscaping National Account Manager, and project manager for the course led an Internal Project Team in designing and implementing the training programme believing that by taking training away from the classroom and into the merchant yard, it can be made more time efficient and personally engaging. The resulting training programme has been carefully designed to deliver a hands-on approach that has been successful trialled and shown to deliver refreshing, effective and inspirational results, as she further explains:

“Supplying hard landscaping products to the market successfully requires the right supporting information in order to provide merchants with a complete product package - but of course sharing knowledge consumes time.

“It’s for that reason that we wanted to devise an ‘Express’ training approach – one that would successfully bridge any merchant knowledge gap – to maximise customer service standards and sales potential – using a method that was sharp, fun and engaging – but not create problems in taking vital team members out of the merchant for an extended period of time.

“The result has been the creation of a face-to-face training programme, that can be effectively rolled out to builders merchants in-situ. It’s been designed on the back of feedback from our merchant customers and can enhance specific product knowledge of all staff on the sales floor, from those at the trade counter, to those in the yard.

“This course is about product training, as opposed to sales training, so that merchant staff feel equipped with the knowledge to discuss products’ suitability and advantages with customers, bettering service all-round.”

Katie explains that the free course, which began implementation in August 2016, is completely interactive, and is delivered using fun, hands-on methods and physical examples, as opposed to the usual PowerPoint presentations and supplementary hand-outs that sit on shelves gathering dust.

“All the courses are delivered through face-to-face training sessions of no more than 30-minutes, using the products themselves as props and guides so participants can better - and more memorably - learn about specific features and benefits.

“By offering this express approach, the course is made ‘short-on-time’, but is still ‘thorough-in-content’, and won’t take staff away from their duties for long. Furthermore, it’s enjoyable, personal and trials of the course have already proven to provide a preferable training route for both merchants and our own Brett team.”

The course, which has a consistent content base is available nationwide and accessible to any merchant which stocks Brett Landscaping products. It is being rolled-out by Area Sales Managers to give an individual and more personal feel to each session and has already succeeded - not just in furthering knowledge, but generating new business for the Merchants.

“The course’s success can be attributed to the research that’s gone into its structure and implementation,” Katie adds. “Fortunately, we have an incredibly experienced merchant sales team at Brett and we have been able to draw heavily on this experience to develop and implement this fantastic programme. It’s been great to be part of its creation and I look forward to seeing further impressive results as its delivery continues over the next few months.”