The reknowned Trief containment kerb which has been improving road safety in the UK for over 50-Years can be installed in either straight sectons or to provide addional security for curved carraigeways.

However, calculating the radials required can be time consuming - which is why we developed this quick and easy to use calculator tool.

Simply enter the radials that you are looking for and our software will do the calculations for you instantly. Not only that, it will even e-mail a pdf of the results to your Inbox.

This makes it easier for you to remove the need for cutting our Trief kerbs on site providing you with a major time saving on site. More importantly this also offers a significant safety gain using the Health and Safety risk hierarchy of:

  • Avoid

  • Minimise

  • Control

All of this makes it easier to specify the best proven containment kerb system now celebrating over 50 Years improving road safety in the uK.

Try our unique Trief kerb radial calculator tool for yourself and see how Brett have once again made using our products easier and safer for the specification professional.

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