Important Product Information

When selecting paving it is essential to plan ahead to minimise the risk of your project not turning out as good as you hoped that it would. By reading this information you will be able to identify potential issues and address them before you proceed - giving you a better finished project.



Products which are less than 50mm thick are not suitable to run cars on. Only products of 50mm or more are suitable for driveway installation.



Efflorescence: Efflorescence is a temporary salt residue that can occur on all concrete products in their initial life. It can also occur in natural stone products as a result of the cementitous bedding material.

The salt masks the colour of the product and is often mistaken for fading. The best course of action is to leave the paved area to weather over time and efflorescence will usually disappear.

Differential curing: Dark patches occasionally appear on the surface of garden products. This is known as differential curing and is caused by varying moisture levels within the flag drying at different  rates. Like efflorescence, given time and the natural weathering process such patches will tone down and become less visible.

Porosity: Concrete continues to cure for many years after manufacture. Whilst this happens, and usually only during its initial life, a level of porosity may exist where some product retains water giving a damp appearance. This will disappear as the concrete continues to harden and the product dries out.

Aggregate contaminants: Very rarely concrete may be affected with Iron Pyrites and/or Lignite. These are both the result of naturally occurring constituents within the product raw materials which may result in localised discolouration of the surface of an individual unit. This phenomenon will not normally affect the performance of the product.

Sealants: Sealers can help protect and enhance your investment. Before you choose to buy one, make sure you are aware of the following. Sealers may trap potential efflorescence and other forms of discolouration that can occur from time to time, making them almost impossible to remove.

On rare occasions mineral deposits within natural stone also react with sealants causing discolouration.

We recommend you wait 12-18 months before sealing. This will allow any potential discolouration to be exposed and enable you to remove it. Before sealing, make sure that the paving is thoroughly cleaned and any joints are filled. Prior to applying to the whole installation, test in a small inconspicuous area.

Surface marking: Some products within the range are deliberately distressed via a tumbling process in order to give them their aged aesthetic. Tumbling can leave a dust on the surface of the product that should significantly reduce with the natural ageing process.

The instances mentioned above are not covered under any product guarantee provided by Brett. For more information on any of the topics above, please contact our Customer Services on 0845 60 80 570.

The colours in concrete paving come from pigmentation placed into the product during production. Products may have 2 or 3 different pigments added to create the subtle and very attractive colour tones. When installed these variations appear more uniform over a large area.

Aged products: such as Alpha Antique and Aura have been distressed with varying production techniques. The distressing process by its very nature creates a random aesthetic. This variation is deliberate and gives the appeal of the product range.



To order Brett product contact your nearest Brett stockist, call 0845 60 80 577 or visit

If samples have been acquired from a Brett stockist, we strongly recommend ordering from the same stockist.

All dimensions quoted in Brett literature are nominal and are for guidance only. Actual sizes of individual units will vary, particularly on garden products. Most sq.m. coverage figures assume a nominal 10mm joint is used between all garden products. If you are having difficulty quantifying the product you require, please call our Customer Services on 0845 60 80 570.

The total quantity required should ideally be ordered and delivered at the same time to reduce the risk of product variation.



In the unlikely event of products arriving in a less than satisfactory condition, please refer to your stockist immediately with product and batch code details that are printed on the packaging.

Any suggestion of non-conformity must result in the complaint being registered and the product not being installed. Responsibility for costs incurred for uplifting and relaying defective product may be prejudiced if the defect should have been apparent before installation.



Legislation on hard landscaping changes around your property may require a planning application. The responsibility to comply lies with the homeowner.



Hard landscaping products can be hazardous, especially when lifting, cutting, drilling or abrading. Always carry out a risk assessment and apply the appropriate precautions to help avoid the risk of injury to yourself or others.



Brett products should be installed to relevant European Standards where appropriate. Where products fall outside the scope of such standards, Brett best practice installation techniques are recommended. For any queries on installation methods please call our Customer Services on 0845 60 80 570.

Each manufacturing production run of a specific product (or batch) will have its own unique characteristics.

Minimising the number of batches will help reduce product variation. Products should be laid from a number of packs at the same time. In the case of paving three packs should be mixed for single colours, five in the case of multi-coloured product. Ideally, product should also be mixed by being taken from vertical stacks rather than in layers of the same pack.

Any garden & natural stone products supplied may incur joint widths of differing sizes depending on the pattern they are installed in. We recommend they are dry laid before they are actually bedded to allow joint widths to be adjusted. This is also important for circles, octagons and corner kits.



All pavements should be subjected to a regular maintenance regime. For more details on the appropriate course of action, please see the ‘Essential Maintenance Guide’ on



Brett is continually looking to make improvements in the product range and therefore any information such as dimensions and weights are subject to change. Customers should always check with a local stockist that they are using the most current product information.

Find your local stockist by visiting or call 0845 60 80 577.