Non Accredited CPD

Brett Landscaping are pleased to be able to offer a wide range of specialist Continuing Professional Development (CPD) presentations to our customers in order to help you achieve the best looking, most durable and cost effective paving solutions for your projects.

In addition to our three CPD's which are accredited under the RIBA CPD Providers Network for architects, we also offer the following non-accredited CPD training seminars which are generally more technically biased to help with the effective specification and safe site installation of our products to gain most advantage from their specification:


1. An Overview of Permeable Pavement Design

  • A brief overview of Brett and products
  • Review of permeable pavement design
  • The four design steps to success
  • Other design considerations
  • PermCalc demonstration


2. Taking the Mystery, Cost and Risk out of Permeable Pavements

  • Why do we need permeable pavements - how do they work?
  • Anticipating the SuDS Approving Body (SAB) requirements
  • Minimising cost - How to achieve a cost effective design
  • Adoption - Reducing maintenance risks for the SAB
  • Assistance - How can Brett assist you and your contractors?


3. Design and Construction of Specialist Kerbs

  • Manufacturing and Testing of specialist kerbs
  • Design considerations for optimal benefit
  • System components available
  • Construction and safe installation
  • Product Testing including BS EN 1317-2

The format and content of these presentations are generally well received by engineers, contractors and local authority planning departments and provide a valuable source of information to improve knowledge in these key areas.

Given the scope of our expertise we are also happy to look at specialist tailored training presentations; if this is something which you would like to explore with us in more detail, please contact us by clicking here.