Finding Just The Look You Want

This web site is designed to help you get the very most from your garden or driveway and to create a special outdoor space that looks and functions in exactly the way you want it to for years to come.

You may already have given some thought to colours, styles and textures, or you may have a completely open mind - in which case the image gallery above may help give you some more ideas about what look would suit your property.

There is also plenty of extra information and advice available from this website; but there are also a wide range of other sources of inspiration such as your local Builders Merchant or Garden Centre, the Brett Gardens & Drives brochure which you can download from this website or order a copy in the post, Garden Shows, lifestyle magazines or simply browsing the web.

Being advised and informed is just as crucial as inspiration. Costs, timing, use of materials and other practical considerations will have a big part to play in your decisions - but you don’t have to make them alone!

We have a great network of Brett Approved Installers (BAI's) who are able to offer more advice as well as manage the installation for you. These installers have all been selected on the basis of the quality of their work and service - which enables us to offer a 10-year Guarantee on many of our products when installed by one of our BAI's.

One of the most frequent concerns is the cost of landscaping - but did you know that installation costs typically account for 80% of the total landscaping budget?

It therefore pays to stick to what you really want, as using a premium product will only marginally increase your total project outlay and you'll get the look and feel you want keeping a smile on your face for longer!

Don’t forget while you’re looking at your costs, that you’re also adding extra living space to your home, as well as extra long-term value to your home.