Mobility Kerbs

When designing urban spaces, it is important to consider access for all user groups. Working with a number of local authorities, Brett Landscaping have developed a range of mobility kerbs. These have been designed to provide sufficient tactile feel for partially-sighted users to recognise the pavement edge, at the same time not being so steep as to cause difficulty for users with mobility issues. This kerb range also comes with a selection of fittings to allow for ease of design and installation.

These kerbs offer excellent solutions when designing shared space developments in both commercial and residential environments. When used in conjunction with Brett Beta or Omega Pencil Edge concrete block paving, they provide an attractive, safe and functional zone for all users of the space.


Available in Brindle (BR) or Charcoal (CL) colours to enhance our block paving range, providing a visual edge to the pavement, as well as a physical one.

Product Specification

Add BR/CL to specify Brindle /Charcoal colour. For example, the code for a straight Mobility Kerb in Brindle (BR) in would be MK100BR.

Product Code No. per
linear m
Linear m
per pack
Straight MK100 270 10 4.3
Transition LH MKT100 1 - 12.1
Transition RH MKT100 1 - 12.1
Internal Angle MKIA100 1 - 5.6
External Angle MKEA100 1 - 6.3
Crossover MKC100 1 - 3.5

BR = Brindle, CL = Charcoal


Colour Swatches

Charcoal Charcoal
Brindle Brindle

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