Block Paving Kerbs

This range of products provide a quick and easy way to compliment your new paving as well as creating attractive borders.
Using kerbs and edgings beteween your paved areas and other aspects of your design such as lawns or borders helps to create gently defined areas with their own unique, natural look and feel.
All of our kerbs and edgings have been designed to be laid in a variety of positions to perform different tasks to suit your style.  When it comes to our block paving kerbs they have been designed to provide either a bullnose or flat edge finish simply by rotating the block giving you the maximum design flexibility.

Lower profile design kerb system

Alpha Kerb  – tumbled finish for an aged look
Drivestyle Kerb – non-tumbled finish for cean lines
Mobility Kerb - non-tumbled kerb with a sloped surface to create improved accesibility

Higher design kerb for more presence

Vintage Kerb – large kerb unit with tumbled finish that can be used in a variety of applications
High Kerb - non tumbled large kerb unit