Trief GST2A Kerb

The Trief GST2A kerb is essentially a passive safety system which is designed to contain and re-direct vehicles safely back onto those carriageways where, if they were to stray unchecked, they may cause injury to pedestrians, damage to local structures or damage to the vehicles and drivers themselves. In these instances, Trief GST2A kerb will provide significantly better containment of vehicles than standard kerb units.

The original Trief GST2A kerb is designed for use on carriageways and roads with average traffic speeds of 40mph where an effective containment kerb is required. The wider Trief GST2A containment kerb system is comprised of a range of components, including quadrants, short lengths, as well as radius and transition kerbs. Although typically supplied in a smooth concrete finish, the Brett Trief GST2A kerb can also be supplied in a rough 'washed ' finish or in natural Granite to suit individual site design requirements.

This allows for a wide range of design possibilities which can address most site specific constraints and safety considerations - whilst the use of transition kerbs allows Trief Kerbs to be seamlessly integrated into existing British Standard kerbs.

In 2012, to celebrate it's 50th Anniversary, we put the Trief GST2A to the test against the latest BS EN 1317-2 (N1) standard for Road Restraint Systems which it passed with flying colours becoming the first kerb in its class to pass this demanding standard - and prove that it is as important to road safety today as it was in 1962.



Trief GST2A Kerb Additional Information

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