Trief GST2 Kerb

The Trief GST2 kerb has been designed for use in areas of reduced excavation, such as bridge or car park decks where an effective containment kerb is still required. Where required the Trief GST2 kerb can also be supplied with pre-drilled dowel holes for epoxy mortaring the kerb onto the bridge deck to provide maximum strength where conventional huunching may not be possible.

Just like the other Trief containment kerbing systems, Trief GST2 has been designed to contain and re-direct vehicles safely back onto those carriageways where, if they were to stray unchecked, they may cause injury to pedestrians, damage to local structures or damage to the vehicles and drivers themselves.

This is key with the Trief GST2 application on bridge decks and parapets where safe and effective vehicle containment can be critical. In these instances the Trief GST2 Kerb will provide better containment of vehicles than standard kerb units.

The Brett Trief GST2 Kerb has been designed and proven to work in three ways to prevent vehicles leaving the carriageway:

  1. The Trief GST2 Kerb is designed to present a clear visual signal to road users that it will prevent vehicles trying to leave the carriageway. Its height also discourages pedestrians from crossing the highway. The result is that the separate streams of road users are effectively segregated - a key contributor to enhanced road safety.
  2. The Trief GST2 Kerb has a 25mm upstand from the highway surface leading onto an inclined shoulder. This is essential to give road users an initial physical warning that their vehicle is leaving the carriageway and that they need to take action to bring their vehicle back onto the carriageway. The inclined shoulder will help the driver bring the vehicle back onto the carriageway.
  3. The Trief GST2 Kerb is designed to capture the sidewall bulge of a vehicle tyre within its concave section, thereby helping to contain the vehicle within the carriageway boundary. Once contained, the result is that the tyre is turned parallel to the kerb thereby minimising the upward traction available to the tyre and its ability mount the kerb.

As with the other Trief Containment Kerb systems it is comprised of a range of components, including quadrants, short lengths, as well as radius and transition kerbs. Although typically supplied in a smooth concrete finish, the Brett Trief can also be supplied in a rough 'washed ' finish or in natural Granite.

This allows for a wide range of design possibilities that can address specific site constraints and safety considerations. The use of transition kerbs allows Trief Kerbs to be seamlessly integrated into existing half batter kerbs.


Trief GST2 Kerb Additional Information

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