Trief Cadet GST1A Kerb

Trief Cadet GST1A is the smaller Trief Kerb for lighter traffic areas but still built to the same design and high standards as the world-famous Trief Kerb. The Trief Cadet Kerb brings the same solid reliability and deterrence features to the roadway – in a more compact form.

A scaled-down version of its parent kerb with the same ramped ‘toe’ and concave recess profile, the Trief Cadet Kerb redirects lighter vehicles back into their correct path and prevents traffic incursion into vulnerable areas like verges. Its compact size makes it ideal for areas where a high degree of visual and physical traffic direction is needed, but where the more imposing presence of the standard Trief Kerb is unnecessary.

Trief Cadet Kerb can often be seen providing a visual and physical presence in traffic calming and traffic directing schemes. It is particularly appropriate in areas such as residential developments where the imposing standard Trief Kerb is not as suitable.

Trief Cadet is perfect for the protection of verges and is used to establish a physical restraint around a range of verges, paths and landscaped areas, its fluent lines make it a pleasing addition to roads or suburban settings.

The strong and dependable Trief Cadet Kerb provides a multi-purpose traffic management solution. It is suitable for a range of hard landscaping schemes, from the creation of protective barriers to small traffic directing measures. Trief Cadet Kerb:

  1. Prevents lighter vehicles accidentally leaving the carriageway, encroaching into unsuitable or vulnerable areas and parking illegally.
  2. Deters by forming a clear visual barrier that encourages drivers to steer away from it.
  3. Protects by introducing a strong buffer that safeguards verges, landscaped areas, pavements and pedestrians.

The Brett Trief Cadet GST1A Kerb is available with a range of components, including quadrants, short lengths, as well as radius and transition kerbs. Although typically supplied in a smooth concrete finish, the Brett trief can also be supplied in a rough 'washed ' finish or in natural Granite.

This allows for a wide range of design possibilities that can address specific site constraints and safety considerations. The use of transition kerbs allows Trief Cadet GST1A Kerbs to be seamlessly integrated into existing half batter kerbs.


Trief Cadet GST1A Kerb Additional Information

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