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Kassel Kerb Range

The Brett Kassel Kerb system is comprised of a range of components, including quadrants, flat blocks, ramps, as well as radial and transition kerbs. These allow the design of a wide range of options to address site constraints and safety considerations.

Kassel Kerb units are also available in a wide range of natural granite colours. The granite units feature the same design properties as the standard concrete units. The product specification tables provide all of the information necessary for specifying and ordering Brett Kassel Kerbs.

160mm and 180mm standard kerbs

Both standard sizes permit a maximum 50mm gap between kerb and bus. The 180mm unit provides increased height and is ideal for non-hydraulic buses. Whereas the 160mm unit is ideal for hydraulic buses where the boarding platform can be lowered to ease access.

Flat blocks

Flat blocks can be used with both 160 and 180mm Kassel Ramps to provide crossing point for pedestrians

Half kerbs

Both the 160mm and the 180mm units are available in 500mm lengths to help reduce the need for on-site cutting.

Radii and Quadrants

A range of components allowing the designer to produce a number curved kerb configurations.

Kassel Kerb Transitions And Ramps

Transition units and Ramp sets

These units create a seamless transition between standard 160mm or 180mm units and British Standard HB2 kerbs, whilst Ramp sets create a transition to the
flat block.

Transition to British Standard HB2 kerbs

Transition kerbs taper from a Kassel Kerb unit to a British Standard HB2 kerb with an upstand of 125mm. If the existing kerbs have been laid at a different height, the kerbs abutting the Kassel kerb transitions should be re-adjusted to the appropriate level and laid with the face in line with the kerb.

In all cases, the ‘toe’ of the Kassel Kerb unit should be flush with the surface of the road so that the weight of the bus on the Kassel Kerb unit prevents the unit from moving.


Standard Kassel Kerb Additional Information

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