Slimline Kassel Kerb

Slimline Kassel Kerb System

Brett Slimline Kassel Kerbs are ideally suited for retro-fit applications where designers do not wish to disturb the existing kerb line and require minimal excavation prior to installation.

The use of the Diamond Paving flag from Brett Landscaping can provide the same tactile surface as would be achieved using conventional Kassel Kerbs.

The unique Slimline profile and its transition units match those of the standard Kassel profile, enabling the system to be simply integrated into existing kerb configurations, so minimising time, cost of installation and disruption to local traffic.

160mm and 180mm Slimline Kassel standard units

Both standard sizes permit maximum 50mm gap between kerb and bus. The 180mm unit gives increased height and is ideal for non-hydraulic buses.

160mm and 180mm Slimline Kassel transition units

These units are used to create a seamless transition from Slimline Kassel Kerb units to British Standard HB2 kerb.


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