SuDS and the Role of Permeable Paving

This Continuous Professional Development seminar from Brett Landscaping lasts for approximately 1 hour in total and provides a thorough understanding of the use of permeable paving within SuDS schemes.

It has been accredited by the RIBA CPD Certification Service as providing a valuable
contribution to the Continuous Professional Development of construction professionals.

The key learning objectives of the seminar are to provide:

  • An understanding of why we need Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS)
  • A review of policy, Building Regulations and the key drivers behind SuDS
  • Clarification of what SuDS are and how permeable pavements work
  • An understanding of the design and construction of permeable pavements
  • Awareness of the permeable pavement material options
  • An overview of the comparative costs of conventional and permeable paving

Contact the commercial team on or call 0845 60 80 579 to book this CPD.