Design and Cutting Services


Design Service - Kerbing

We can provide a e-mail service to architects, engineers, contractors, local authorities and specifiers. We are able to send all the information that you may need: standard drawings or plans in a CAD format.

Considerable time is saved by providing the site with a detailed plan of the kerb layout, ensuring that the contractors know exactly how many kerbs are needed and where each kerb should go.

We are focused on saving architects, engineers, contractors, local authorities and specifiers time by providing expert information quickly and help by designing a solution to meet their specific needs, requirements and objectives.

Our designers are experienced in mixing products such as Trief® and Kassel to provide a one stop solution to design issues particularly related to bus, tram and coach stations.


Cutting Service

Our unique cutting service gives us total flexibility to produce specials cost effectively and in line with your time scales.

We can cut any kerb to any length or any angle that is required for a design or requested by a client.

We are now able to co-ordinate what the customer wants by designing and manufacturing all the kerbs at one site. Each be-spoke unit is referenced to a drawing detailing its location for ease of installation.

Tapers & quadrants are equally catered for in our design and cutting service.


Bus Stop Design - Guide to Good Bus Stop Design

Each location should be reviewed individually but, the key elements that need to be considered and incorporated into any scheme are: bus stop lengths, shelter location, paving considerations, street furniture, road markings and kerbs.

The Kassel Kerb forms a major part of an overall design approach to bus stop design and operation.

To help you ensure your bus stop design is both appropriate for its location and designed for speed and efficient use by both the operator and the customer, Brett offers a free design service that can layout your required Bus Stop design and quantify your requirements. To use this service call our Technical Advice Line on 0845 60 80 577.

Brett has also produced a Guide to Handling and Laying of Trief & Kassel Kerb, which is also available from our Technical Advice Line.