Our Yorkstone products are all UK sourced to ensure that they have the lowest environmental impact and comply with the following applicable standards:

  • BS EN 1341: 2001 Slabs of natural stone for external paving.
  • BS EN 1342: 2001 Setts of natural stone for external paving.
  • BS EN 1343: 2001 Kerbs of natural stone for external paving.

Fens Moss is a fine grained Yorkstone, predominantly blue / grey in colour with varying degrees of buff also present.

Highcroft is a slightly coarser grade of Yorkstone which provides more texture and sparkle to the pavement. Typically Buff in colour with light banding visible.

We work closely with our suppliers to ensure the availability of adequate reserves to provide long-term continuity of supply across our Yorkstone paving range.

Slab Dimensions

Our natural Yorkstone commercial paving range is available made to order in three standard gauges 300, 450 and 600 mm and three standard thicknesses 50, 63 and 70 mm to suit most types of commercial landscaping. 

The standard slab lengths range from 300 to 1000 mm length to create a random laying pattern. When installing the paving, whilst every effort is made to ensure a range of differing lengths is supplied, consideration to mixing from different packs to ensure a truly random layout is suggested.  

Should you require a narrower range of paving lengths or wish to discuss the range of lengths in a pack, please contact Brett Landscaping to discuss your project and ensure a successful installation is achieved.’

Slab Installation

Natural stone slab paving is traditionally installed on a mortar bedding course with a wide mortar joint (bound construction). If your project requires a different installation method, such as flexible (unbound) installation or using pedestals, please contact Brett Landscaping to discuss your project and ensure a successful installation is achieved.

Available finishes

Our Yorkstone commercial paving is available ina number of finishes including diamond sawn, bush hammered as well as a range of tactile paving to help meet DDA regulations.

We can also offer a range of setts in diamond sawn, bush hammered or tumbled finish to provide the complete range of natural Yorkstone paving for your project.


Additional Information

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Brett Landscaping partner with NBS to provide complete NBS Plus product listings to help specify our products into your next project. Simply select, copy and paste the relevant NBS Clauses below into your document using standard web editing tools.

We are also working with The NBS to provide a full suite of BIM objects for our products within the National BIM Library. Any of our BIM objects can be accessed via the National BIM Library and imported into a variety of commonly used BIM environments.

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Generating bespoke permeable pavement designs for SuDS applications. PermCalc is a powerful software tool to help paving professionals design cost effective permeable pavement solutions for SuDS applications quickly and easily.




All Brett Landscaping products have been extensively tested and proven to conform to the relevant European Standard(s), where they exist ensuring that they are safe to use and fit for purpose. If you want to obtain a copy of the CE Certificate or Declaration of Performance (DoP) relating to the Brett products you have purchased please click here and enter the product name into the relevant field.

Should you have any questions regarding these certificates, or the technical specification for any of our products, please contact the Brett Landscaping Technical Services Department by e-mailing [email protected] or calling 0345 60 80 579. Please note – CE certification is not required for any materials where there is no harmonized European product standard available.