The blocks come in a pre-formatted 42 block stretcher design to create a random paved appearance with no discernable clusters visible thereby saving design time and installer effort in creating a random pattern compared to hand laying.

Machine Lay Clusters Specification

Add two letter colour suffix to specify colour. For example, the code for an Alpha 80mm thick block in Charcoal (CL) would be NLAA80CLMLS for where machine lay product is required in a 42 block cluster.

Block Thickness (mm) Code
Plan Size
Blocks per m²
Area (m²) per pack Blocks per pack Cluster Size (mm) Pack weight (kg)

Mixed cluster

60 NLAA60--MLS mixed n/a 9.26 378 1225 x 840 1203
Mixed Cluster 80 NLAA80--MLS mixed n/a 7.20 294 1225 x 840 1254

All Machine Lay products are made to order


Alpha Additional Information

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