GeoCeramica® Porcelain Paving

GeoCeramica® represents the very latest stage in the evolution of porcelain paving. Unlike conventional porcelain paving GeoCeramica comes pre bonded to a mortar drainage base to offer incredible ease of installation.

You can now enjoy the elegant, durable, beautiful contemporary look of porcelain paving with its cool, crisp beauty and minimal maintenance but now it has also been made easy to install using traditional UK construction methods over bound or unbound substrates.

Range overview

Inspired by nature, the GeoCeramica® range of porcelain paving harnesses the true beauty of natural stone whilst adding the benefits of modern paving technology. The range comprises six options which provide a very flexible palette for the designer, and the 10mm option allows you to connect your indoor and outdoor space seamlessly:

Bluestone is available as 60mm and 10mm product and has an elegant, densely specked surface appearance reminiscent of dark Granite. The unique 60mm thickness of Bluestone has been tried and tested for use on areas such as car parks where the impermeability of porcelain makes it immune to the staining resulting from vehicle use and gives a fantastic aesthetic to any project.

Impasto is available as 40mm and 10mm product and has been designed to provide the luxurious look of traditional Belgian Blue Limestone with its natural, subtle veins, lines and patterns.

Marmostone is available as 40mm and 10mm product and takes its inspiration from natural marble paving and provides the beauty of natural stone paving but now without the maintenance issues of natural stone.

Fiordi is available as 60mm, 40mm and 10mm product and has a textured, variegated surface inspired by natural sandstone. This brings its own unique aesthetic mixture of light and shade effects to your design and creates a premium finish which will retain its looks for years to come.

Mosaik is available as 40mm and 10mm product and has a creative Mosaik pattern that allows you to create a modern, romantic ambience.   You can also use Mosaik with the Fiordi range (40mm) to add extra character and detailing to your design.

Irish Highstone  is available as 40mm and 10mm product and has a robust appearance which is offset by it's organic, varied pattern. 


The GeoCeramica® range of porcelain paving is stocked by a number of carefully selected Builders Merchants who can provide all the assistance you require to access the benefits of this next generation of porcelain paving. Use the link below to discover your local GeoCeramica stockist.


Product Specification

The GeoCeramica® range is available in a single 600 x 600mm plan size but but offers three thicknesses depending upon your application:

  • 60mm for areas receiving light vehicle traffic and emergency vehicle overruns.
  • 40mm for pedestrian paving making it ideal for most residential and retail applications.
  • 10mm for indoor spaces and detailing elements such as step treads.
Single Size Packs
Thickness  (mm)   900 x 600 600 x 600 600 x 450 600 x 300 450 x 450 300 x 300
10mm* No. / Sq.m. -  3 / 1.08 - - - -
40mm No. / Sq.m. - 28 / 10.08 - - - -
60mm No. / Sq.m. - 19 / 6.83 - - - -

* = Bluestone 10mm product comes with 4 per pack covering 1.44sq.m


Additional Information

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