Flag Paving

High Quality Flags For The Commercial Sector

Fully complementary and interchangeable ranges of flag paving in a wide variety of modular sizes allow the designer to create hard landscaped areas with excellent levels of visual impact, practicality and performance. Prestige product can be mingled with the functionality of tactile to create elegant, hardworking, durable, easy-to-maintain solutions.

As with all Brett products, flag, block and kerbs in both concrete or natural stone can be combined to provide complete urban environments.

Aesthetically Pleasing And Design Focused

All Brett natural and man-made flag paving products are designed to be interchangeable enabling them to be used seamlessly in conjunction with one another. For example, highly visual, aesthetic areas requiring beautiful natural products can be fluidly combined with more cost effective and functional product for utility areas, or tactile paving elements integrated into wider paved areas as required.

This flexibility makes Brett's products ideal for use in a wide range of schemes in both the public and private sectors across a broad spectrum of applications including domestic, leisure and commercial areas. By focusing on providing a range of high quality natural and man made systems to match most design requirements we can supply a product with your choice of smooth, riven, textured or tactile surface in an extensive range of colours.

Environmentally Sensitive

The Brett Landscaping range of flag paving offers a wide choice of beautiful, clean, hard wearing and aesthetically pleasing products available in a range of plan sizes and thicknesses to accommodate almost any trafficking requirements.

However, we also seek to ensure that our products are environmentally sound. For this reason, we seek to incorporate recycled material wherever possible in order to minimise the environmental impact of our products – this can be seen in our Texitone ECO product where a minimum of 65% recycled natural slate aggregate is used to enhance the appearance of the product by giving an attractive aesthetic to the surface of the pavement.

Focusing on locally sourced material enables most projects to gain a typical A+/A rating under BREEAM which when allied to our BES 6001 Responsible Sourcing of Construction Products certification makes Brett an ideal design partner when seeking to maximise BREEAM ratings.

Durable And Long Lasting

Our paving is exceptionally durable making it ideal for highly trafficked pedestrian or vehicle areas. Our range includes paving thickness from below 50mm through to over 70mm to cater for a wide variety of trafficking levels from housing through to busy urban centres.

Paving nstallations can be easily reinstated following utility and maintenance work or installation of underground services. This provides additional long-term value by enduring the long term aesthetic appeal of the site.

This allows specifiers the flexibility to design and the durability which will ensure that whole life costings can be carefully controlled from the design stage. Our commercial concrete flag paving products have excellent slip resistance and abrasion properties when tested to BS EN 1339:2003:

  • Unpolished slip / skid resistance value when tested to Annex I is Extremely Low.
  • Abrasion resistance value when tested to Annex G is Class 3.

Easy To Install And Maintain

By focusing our range on conventional plan sizes and thicknesses all of our Commercial paving is easy to install enabling installations to be completed quickly and with minimal disruption.

The user friendly Brett range of sizes provide high levels of flexibility during installation, particularly when laying paving around existing infrastructure such as buildings and street signage. Once installed flag paving is simple to maintain – and will remain stable for longer providing an attractive user friendly surface for years to come.

Please contact us for all enquiries regarding our flag paving products and we will be happy to help.