Regatta Riven Sett-Style Paving

Brett Regatta paving is a lightly riven paviour designed to give a subtle surface texture reminiscent of old cobble paving.

Available in mixed packs containing blocks in pre-set ratio's to allow for quick and easy installation and helping to reduce wastage on smaller projects. This makes Regatta a firm favourite on projects where a premium look is required for small to medium size projects such as driveways and lightly trafficked pedestrian areas.

Regatta paving is now available in two distinct pack configurations for maximum design flexibility:

Regatta TRIO - Small / Medium / Large blocks in a preset 2:2:1 ratio

Regatta DUO - Large / Jumper blocks in a preset 2:1 ratio

Using these configurations it is easy to create both random and standard patterns to enhance the appearance of any project.

Key Information

  • Manufactured and tested to BS EN 1338: 2003
  • Install in accordance with BS 7533
  • 3 standard colours available; others made to order
  • 4 plan sizes available
  • Circle packs available
  • Complementary kerb range available

Product Specification

Add AG/SH/RB to specify colour. For example, the code for a pack of 60mm thick Regatta TRIO Rustic Bronze (RB) from Barrow would be RGJ80RB.

Regatta TRIO Pack Sizes

Location Sq m per pack Nos. per mixed size pack
Barrow 8.32 156 156 104
Cliffe 8.64 162 162 108
Poole 8.50 180 120 120


Regatta DUO Pack Sizes

Location Sq m per pack Nos. per mixed size pack
Barrow 8.51 160 80
Cliffe 8.51 160 80
Poole 8.51 160 80

All Regatta products are ex stock.



Colour Swatches

Autumn Gold (AG) Autumn Gold (AG)
Rustic Bronze (RB) Rustic Bronze (RB)
Silver Haze (SH) Silver Haze (SH)

Regatta Additional Information

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