Beta Low Chamfer Contemporary Block Paving

Brett Beta paving has been designed to have clean lines and flat surfaces with minimal edge chamfers to provide a smooth hard wearing block paving surface.

Available in four plan sizes it can be used to create a wide variety of designs to enhance any project. The minimal edge chamfer detail is particularly useful for retail parking applications due to the flat surface that can be created.

Key Information

  • Manufactured and tested to BS EN 1338: 2003
  • Install in accordance with BS 7533
  • Disabled access
  • Ideal for retail applications
  • 5 standard colours available; others made to order
  • 4 plan sizes available
  • 2 thicknesses to suit various trafficking requirements
  • Circle packs available
  • Complementary kerb range available
  • Minimal edge chamfer

Product Specification

Add AG/BO/AM/BR/CL/SH to specify colour. For example, the code for a Beta 80mm thick, large block in Charcoal (CL) would be BL80CL.

Product Code Thickness
Plan Size
per m²
Area (m²)
per pack
No. per
Pack weight
Small BS60 60 105 x 140 68 9.88 672 1255
Medium BM60 60 140 x 140 51 9.88 504 1322
Large BL60 60 210 x 140 34 9.88 336 1322
Jumper BJ60 60 210 x 280 17 9.17 156 1188
Small BS80 80 105 x 140 68 6.35 432 1100
Medium BM80 80 140 x 140 51 6.35 324 1100
Large BL80 80 210 x 140 34 6.62 232 1130

All Beta products are ex stock.



Colour Swatches

Autumn Gold (AG) Autumn Gold (AG)
Brindle (BR) Brindle (BR)
Burnt Oak (BO) Burnt Oak (BO)
Charcoal (CL) Charcoal (CL)
Silver Haze (SH) Silver Haze (SH)

Beta Additional Information

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