Decorative Aggregates

We offer an extensive range of attractive natural aggregates that provide an easy option for use on a wide range of applications including driveways, patios, paths, border decoration and render spars.

Fish Friendly!

Many of our gravels are suitable for use in use in ornamental fish ponds; those suitable for use in this application are shown on the the table below.

Please be sure to wash thoroughly before use any aggregates so as to first remove small particles that may cloud the water and which can be harmful to fish.

Suitable for Driveways!

Not all decorative aggregates are suitable for use on a driveway.  Please refer to the table below to check which are.


Decorative Aggregates Coverage

Product Suitable for Driveways Fish Friendly Grade Coverage kg/m²
Natural Slate   20 62.5
Natural Slate   40 62.5
Plum Slate   20 62.5
Plum Slate   40 62.5
Red Granite 14 75.0
Green Granite 14 75.0
Rose Grey Granite   20 70.0
Silver Ice 20 70.0
Scottish Beach Cobbles     50-80 n/a
Beach Pebbles 20 55.0
Beach Pebbles 40 55.0
Cotswold Stone     20 75.0
Canterbury Spar   11 60.0
Havana Gold 20 70.0
Honey Gold   10 70.0
Pearl Spar     11 70.0
Spanish Marble Mix     20 70.0

All decorative aggregates are available in Mini and Bulk bags.  Coverage based on 50mm depth.

Render Spar Coverage

Product Suitable for Driveways Fish Friendly Grade Coverage kg/m²
Canterbury Spar     8 10.0
Permgold     8 10.0
Denbighshire     8 10.0
White Spar     8 10.0

Render Spars are available in Maxi bags only.


Find out how many bags you will require for your project by clicking here.

Note: Swatches show the Decorative Aggregates in both dry and wet conditions.

Additional Information

For even more information why not visit our Knowledge Hub?

Brett Landscaping partner with NBS to provide complete NBS Plus product listings to help specify our products into your next project. Simply select, copy and paste the relevant NBS Clauses below into your document using standard web editing tools.

We are also working with The NBS to provide a full suite of BIM objects for our products within the National BIM Library. Any of our BIM objects can be accessed via the National BIM Library and imported into a variety of commonly used BIM environments.

Please use the links below to access this information.

Generating bespoke permeable pavement designs for SuDS applications. PermCalc is a powerful software tool to help paving professionals design cost effective permeable pavement solutions for SuDS applications quickly and easily.




All Brett Landscaping products have been extensively tested and proven to conform to the relevant European Standard(s), where they exist ensuring that they are safe to use and fit for purpose. If you want to obtain a copy of the CE Certificate or Declaration of Performance (DoP) relating to the Brett products you have purchased please click here and enter the product name into the relevant field.

Should you have any questions regarding these certificates, or the technical specification for any of our products, please contact the Brett Landscaping Technical Services Department by e-mailing or calling 0345 60 80 579. Please note – CE certification is not required for any materials where there is no harmonized European product standard available.


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