Talking Trief: Straight is great - but bendy is trendy

'Straight is great but bendy is trendy' is a phrase highly relevant to the Brett Trief containment kerb system, whether you are thinking about the kerb’s alignment or simply gazing at its profile.  But why is the Trief profile like this? The patented Trief profile ensures any vehicles straying from a carriageway can be easily contained and safely redirected back into the carriageway.  This containment and redirection can offer protection in numerous applications such as:

  • Buildings and structures – from manoeuvring vehicles near critical features
  • Bridges – to prevent vehicles from not following the intended route, either on the bridge approach and/or as you cross the bridge deck, and then finding themselves either on (or in) whatever the bridge is crossing (railway lines, rivers, etc.)
  • Carriageway roundabouts and traffic islands – aiding the present of these features for pedestrian safety when crossing, or to preventing articulated vehicles mounting the kerbs during tight turns.
  • Industrial Units – used as kerbing around the perimeter of the goods vehicles parking areas, at logistic cabins and gatehouses where large vehicles need to pull in close to a window to exchange paperwork.
  • Clearly Defining Routes – such as cycle routes and footpaths, preventing cars straying into cycle lanes and compromising cyclists; approaches to toll booths; traffic calming features.
  • Asset Management – to protect soft landscaping from being churned up by articulated vehicles, standard kerbs from being damaged, knocked over and needing replacing and reconstructing.

With over 50 years of successful application and use, Trief is still the only containment kerb available that has been tested and achieved N1 classification to ‘BS EN 1317-2: 2010 - Road restraint systems. Performance classes, impact test acceptance criteria and test methods for safety barriers including vehicle parapets.’  The combination of empirical experience and testing helps consolidate reasons for using Trief with confidence. 

For everyone who isn’t familiar with this standard, this means Trief successfully took the impact of a 1500kg vehicle at a 20o approach angle travelling at 50mph and redirected it safely back onto the carriageway.  That’s a harsh test.  Watch the test on YouTube to see Trief in action.  When you do, notice how the car’s passenger compartment isn’t penetrated and the minimal amount of damage to the impacted kerb units. 

To help turning ideas and concepts into working, constructible solutions, Brett offer a comprehensive design service.  With this, we look to eliminate any cutting on-site, allowing construction to be simply ‘pick and place’ thereby increasing site safety.  Plus, we have NBS plus specifications, BIM objects, technical support and RIBA Approved CPD’s all available free of charge.