Adding value for our customers

At Brett, we have worked hard to create a diverse and high-quality product offering which spans domestic and commercial projects of all shapes and sizes.

This year alone, we released a series of new products in our Gardens and Drives brochure giving domestic users more choice than ever when the time comes to undertake that dream gardening project.

We also released GeoCeramica®, which has proved to be a true game-changer for landscaping. Combining the stunning looks of porcelain paving, with an ease of installation and durability to the UK climate which has not yet been even nearly matched by any of our competitors, and it is easy to see why GeoCeramica® has proved such a big hit since it first hit the market earlier this year.

However, if we are to meet our business objective of providing our customers with the best possible service, we know that we must deliver more than just great products.

This is why at Brett Landscaping we offer a number of free-of-charge design tools which can save hours of headaches and inconvenience when the time comes to work on your next project.

Here is a breakdown of each of them, and how they can help you:



Water drainage and management is becoming increasingly important as local authorities step up their efforts to mitigate against the impact and consequences of surface water flooding.

Shorthand for “permeable calculator”, PermCalc is a powerful software tool that helps to design effective permeable paving solutions for sustainable drainage systems (SuDS) quickly and easily which also include outline project costs.

Using PermCalc works out the level of permeability required long before the flooding begins 

Users are able to quickly and easily test the effectiveness of multiple permeable pavement designs and quantify the positive impact that various permeable paving solutions would have if they were to be installed. These designs can then be downloaded along with a Brett specification meaning that there is little delay between conception and creation.

Click here for a full introduction to our PermCalc tool


Aggregate calculator

When approaching a project, it can often be difficult for an installer to calculate exactly how much aggregate will be required to complete the job. This is essential information for providing quotes to clients, so this calculation must be as accurate as possible.

This is why we produced an aggregate calculator. Using it is as simple as adding in the area required in square metres, and then selecting the preferred Brett product.

You can now produce quotes for clients in confidence!

Click here to use the Brett Aggregate calculator tool


Trief kerb Radius Calculator

Brett has produced Trief containment kerbs for decades. These large kerbs must have saved countless lives over the years, by preventing vehicles from either accidently or intentionally leaving the carriageway.

With a specially designed profile which captures the side wall of a tyre, Trief kerbs redirect a vehicle travelling at up to motorway speeds, and are perfect for protecting motorways, bridges and toll both entry and exit points.

However, they are by necessity large lumps of concrete and it is essential to make construction sites as safe as possible. Using TriefCalc allows designers to input the required radii and the software defines what products will be required to minimise on-site cutting thereby improving site safety. Similarly, deliveries can be better sequenced to reduce on site movement of the kerbs. For this reason we developed a unique and simple calculator.

You simply have to enter the radials that you are looking for and the software will instantly make its calculations giving you a detailed design of each Trief component, which can then be provided as a PDF or emailed through.

Click here to find out more about the Trief kerb Radius Calculator tool 


The three calculators I’ve mentioned above are completely free-of-charge, and are simple to use. We pride ourselves as being built on relationships and in our mind, this means providing the best possible services to all of our customers.

So please use these tools at your convenience and feel free to provide feedback in how we can help further improve the experience of working with us.

We look forward to hearing back from you.