Long term safety culture culminates in award for Brett Landscaping

Last month Brett Landscaping received awards in several categories at the prestigious Mineral Product Association (MPA) Awards, in recognition of a number of health and safety innovations implemented in 2016.

Brett won awards in the Occupational Health, Well Being and Engineering Initiatives categories. In additional, Rob Buston – Works Engineer at the Cliffe plant – was awarded an individual award in recognition of his personal contribution to health and safety.

“We are delighted to see the ongoing commitment of the business to health and safety recognised by the MPA,” Alastair Forbes, Manager of Brett Landscaping and Building Products said.

These awards are the culmination of efforts to encourage a company-wide culture of continuous safety improvement aimed at improving the lives of workers throughout the company.

Alastair went into further detail about the safety culture at Brett: “Many of these ideas and initiatives come from our guys on site and, with the backing of management, they have become reality, creating a safer working environment for all.”

By encouraging factory workers to recommend changes to health and safety practices based on experience, Brett is able to quickly identify potential safety issues, and the company has access to a wealth of user experience to use when implementing the improvements.

The MPA award for Engineering Initiatives Brett won for its innovations to the block rumbling line at the company’s site in Poole, Dorset, was an example of this bottom up safety model.

The block rumbling line is used to apply an antique finish to standard concrete paving blocks, a feature that makes tumbled products such as Aura and Alpha so attractive to customers. Before these changes were made, operators faced a convoluted route to access the drum in order to give the machine its weekly maintenance.

Workers identified this accessibility issue as a key area of improvement. Working with management they developed a solution that now provides safe, direct access to the drum, which has been fitted with a removable end panel. In addition to ensuring clear visibility and good airflow, the new solution has also provided for emergency access in the event that an operator is taken ill whilst inside the drum.

Dale Brown, Senior Manufacturing Team Leader at Poole was satisfied with the safety improvements achieved by the changes.

“The modifications we have made provide clear visibility all the way down the tunnel, the air and lighting are vastly improved and, should we need to rescue someone from the area, we can do it safely, quickly and efficiently.”

It is safety innovations such as these that have ensured that Brett sites and factories in Britain are becoming some of the safest in their industry as safety at work becomes another facet of the Brett mantra - “built on relationships.”