For over 100 years, Brett has embraced its corporate and social responsibilities to customers, the community and to the environment. Brett is still a family owned business with independent status and strongly held values, this means that we can take the long-term view and follow a sustainable strategy - something we feel passionately about.

We are serious about our business and our responsibilities. At Brett, we believe that a balance has to be struck between economic development and our impact on both the environment and society.

We constantly strive to reduce our impact on the environment by minimising our energy usage and maximising the recyclability of our materials, so that they have the lowest possible impact on the environment - both now and in the future.

Developing product solutions and services that incorporate the above for our customers, is the cornerstone of our outlook. It is the foundation of everything we bring to the built environment and helps to ensure that all of our products are designed and manufactured to enhance the built environment and the lives of the people who use it.

Today, more than ever, it is essential that Brett products and operations are sustainable. When you work with Brett Landscaping you can be sure that you will be able to create sustainable developments. In particularly when constructing projects to comply with the Code for Sustainable Homes or the Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method.

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