Ethical Trading Policy

We actively monitor all of our supply chains with a view to ensuring that our suppliers are aware of and working towards applying the ETI Base Code to their own suppliers to provide a moral code for the treatment of workers across the World.

Within own supply chains we pay particular attention to those areas we consider to present the highest risk of non-conformity with this Base Code. It is for this reason we are working with the TFT Responsible Stone Programme (RSP) to help improve both working conditions and best manage our environmental impacts. TFT works closely with its members to ensure that sites within their supply chains meet the RSP Guidelines. These Guidelines require sites to ensure that:

  • Child labour is not used
  • There is no forced and bonded labour
  • Ethical recruitment practices are used 
  • The health and safety of workers is protected
  • Employment contracts are provided to all workers
  • Wages meet minimum requirements or national norms as a minimum
  • Working hours meet legal requirements and are not excessive
  • The company respects diversity within its workforce
  • Harassment and abuse are not tolerated
  • There is clear and readily accessible access to remedy
  • Accommodation is safe and hygienic
  • Freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining is respected

TFT and Brett collaborate to help our business reflect these Guidelines within our non UK based supply chains. This route currently covers around 91% of the factories that supply natural stone products within our supply chain, and will provide increasing transparency at the quarry level, regular site assessments as well as capacity building with our suppliers.

Ultimately we plan to collaborate with TFT across all of our natural stone supply chains including Europe, India, China and Brazil to help improve working conditions and minimise the environmental impacts for the long-term benefit of everyone.

To find out more about the work we are doing please visit our page on the TFT Transparency Hub.

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