Corporate Social Responsibility

Brett Landscaping aim to be good neighbours and do everything reasonably possible to build strong, long-lasting relationships with local communities - especially in the areas where we operate.

We do this by maintaining our sites in a way that protects the community from any hazards or dangers resulting from our business and treating all of the people, communities and businesses that in any way affected by our activities with respect.

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Examples of this include working with local people to minimise inconvenience from vehicles, noise or dust and giving preference to local suppliers and labour wherever possible. We are also keen to get involved with our neighbours to help with via community and employee sponsorship, charitable donations including donating construction materials, time and expertise via our Community Engagement - you can find out more about how we could work with you below.

Community Engagement

We are passionate about the design and creation of enjoyable and accessible environments in the local community, and at home. We believe this will bring people together to build and protect our most valuable national resource, the great outdoors.

Brett Landscaping aim to help support individuals and communities who want to renovate public outdoor spaces. We have helped many admirable schemes in the past and look forward to working with and supporting future developments. We at Brett are proud of our work with renovating valuable outdoor space within the local and wider community, we feel privileged to give something back and make a difference to the environment for future generations to enjoy.

Follow Brett Landscaping to find out more about our activities and projects happening across the UK, so you can see what's happening near you and how you can get involved, including what you can do at home. Alternatively, if you have a project of your own in mind why not contact us and tell us what you have in mind.

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